Jarrah Thompson   

Jarrah Thompson

Guitar, songwriting, recording and mixing, career development.


The founder of APSM in 2017, Jarrah is a passionate and dedicated musician and educator.
Jarrah has a wealth of knowledge to share from over 15 years in the music business. Through releasing 3 albums over 2008 - 2014, Jarrah went on to tour Brazil 7 times, Europe and over 300 shows across Australia including being the recipient of several grants through Austrade and Arts Victoria. Along this journey Jarrah studied guitar and music under different mentors and private teachers, giving him a large spread to teach from enabling him to connect with students from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Jarrah’s true calling is to inspire people through songwriting and creativity, this being the corner stone beliefs of APSM.

“So much can be healed through music… it healed me and gave me great focus and purpose” Jarrah - 2017


To listen to Jarrah's original albums head to: https://jarrahthompson.bandcamp.com

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Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm





Torquay :

Upstairs at TOPS
14 price St. Torquay.


e: artistpathmusicschool@gmail.com

Ph. 0434 412 825

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