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Guitar w/ Jarrah Thompson
Beginner to advanced - all ages in Torquay and Online via Skype.
Lessons are 1 hour in length (or 30min via skype) and focus on key areas for guitar and music development. The foundations of guitar and music in these lessons are theory, chord and scale knowledge, blues and improvisation, picking and playing techniques, repertoire, music elements and composition.
Every student is different and learns at a different pace, so lessons are focused on this development and tailored to your goals and ambitions.
APSM workshops w/ Jarrah Thompson
Theory, Songwriting, Guitar and more
APSM mentoring program w/ Jarrah Thompson
coming in 2020



Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm





Torquay :

Upstairs at TOPS
14 price St. Torquay.



Ph. 0434 412 825

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